A3 Onboard Piezo Transducer




Single A3 with volume and tone


Dual A3 with volume and tone


Single A3


- Passive piezo acoustic transducer
- work with all acoustic instruments: guitar, violin, cello, ukulle, madolin, etc.
- Re-usable adhesive gum applied.
- Volume and Tone control
- 3m cable included
Transducer dimension: diameter: 35mm, height: 17.5mm

Single A3 transducer with
Volume and Tone control

Dual A3 transducers with
Volume and Tone control

Single A3 transducer





A2 - OSJ
Boardtop Transducer with OSJ endpin jack

Feature :
No Battery Required
Output Jack : Nickel Plated End pin Jack


A1 Surface-Adhesive Piezo Pickup

A1 Piezo pickup has been designed to catch the natural resonance sound of various instruments.This can be mounted inside and outside surface of instrument with re-usable adhesive and double-stick tape.This pickup can be used with EDGE-Blender series or passive system with output jack or cable. 

Options:                                     (see Jacks)
- A1-P63 : Plug-in Amp directly / With 6.3mm Plug
- A1-P35 : For Blender Preamp / With 3.5mm Plug
- A1-OSJ : Passive Package with OSJ output Jack
- A1-EPC : Passive Package with EPC output Jack
- A1-EPG : Passive Package with EPG output Jack
- A1-ENN : Passive Package with ENN output Jack
- A1-ENG : Passive Package with ENG output Jack


- Resonant Frequency : 4.3±0.5KHZ
- Resonant Impedance : 300Ωmax
- Static Capacitance : 12000PF±30%
- Input Voltage : 30V p-p max
- Operating Temperature : -20℃~+60℃
- DC-resistance/ Kohm: NA
- Dimension(mm): D28.5 * H11.5 (Pickup Only)

All specifications subject to change without notice.