AGE Series 

"Finally we've got the Preamp including all the features that guitarists around the world have requested

AGE equalizer series lead guitarists can perform the perfect Acoustic Electric Sound in any playing styles - Clean, Jazz, Latin, Funky, Rhythm, Solo, Harmonics, Fusion, Concert and many more. Basic feature of AGE Series including 4 Band Graphic EQ Sliders that provide control for Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence and Master Volume with Low Battery check LED. Applying SMD (Surface Mounted Device) Chip Board and EMI Shield coating inside of AGE Preamp house can eliminates noises and creates noise-free acoustic sound. AGE Series can be installed on upper bout of your guitar for ease to control and the advanced case design with radius sideline can make installation easier. Using the Frequency and Contour controls together allows you to boost or cut desired frequencies.
































































































Soundhole p/u














- Low  battery check LED
- Onboard 9 V battery case
- Master Volume

Connection plate
- 2.5 mm jack for Piezo pickup
- 3.5 mm jack for out put

  W  62 X H 99.5 X D 47 (mm)

Fit for
Normal Thickness  body

Cutting Templates (installation) 

 ** width of the preamp : 62mm

--- Ordering Guide ---
 The preamp includes:
  - standard jack
  - screws and wire-clip
 Not include (optional)
  - piezo pickup
  - package and battery
  - special jacks (endpin jack)




AGE 7   4 band EQ, standard preamp

Wanna achieve maximum versatility of your guitar?
AGE Plus series provide various features you could imagine.

AGE-7  is a definitive edition among  on-board preamp systems. It provides 4 band graphic EQ, Master Volume control, EQ Status switch, Notch Filter switch, Parametric Mid Tune control with Low Battery LED. As all the other ARTEC Products do, using SMD Chip Board could make AGE 7 professional, lighter, less defective and easy to install to any style of guitar. Worry about noise? EMI Shield Painting inside  of AGE Plus series achieve the crystal clean sounds without unwanted noises. MASTER VOLUME controls to adjust the amount of loudness in both the EQ-Status switch is on or off.  EQ-Status switch will give you an option whether you want natural sounds or equalized sounds.  When EQ-Status switch is on, the amounts of BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, PRESENCE, NOTCH and MID-TUNE can be adjusted. BASS controls to adjust the amount of gain at 80 Hz when EQ is on. Gain can be adjusted +/-10 dB. MIDDLE controls to adjust the amount of gain at 800 Hz, TREBLE controls of gain at 3 kHz, PRESENCE controls of gain at 15 kHz and all controls can be adjusted +/-12 dB. AGE Plus series provides various features you could imagine. PARAMETRIC MID-TUNE controls when EQ-Status switch is on. It reinforces mid-range frequency within 400 Hz to 1.2 kHz.  NOTCH will work for filtering the frequency to cut the signal with less then 400 Hz.


Technical Specifications

Basic frequency range

Nominal input level:
Frequency Response:
Input Impedance:
Output Impedance:
Power Supply:
Battery Life:
Bass control range:
Mid-Tune range:
Middle control range:
Treble control range:
Presence control range:
Notch Frequency:
Low Battery:
Current Drain:
Input Jack
Output Jack


-20 dBV
20 Hz - 20 kHz
1 MOhm
1 kOhm
9 V Alkaline Battery
over 1000 hours
+/- 12dB 80Hz, 570mVp-p
400 Hz ~ 1.2 kHz
+/- 12 dB 800 Hz, 490 mVp-p
+/- 12 dB 3 kHz, 500 mVp-p
+/- 12 dB 15 kHz, 500 mVp-p
400 Hz filter
5.5 V ~ 6.5 V
Less than 0.8 mA ~ 1.0 mA
2.5 mm Mono Jack
1/4" Phone Jack

 AGE-7 features :
   - Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence Controls
   - Master Volume, Low  Battery LED
   - Parametric Mid-tune control
   - Notch filter switch,
   - EQ status switch

AGE-6 features :
   - Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence Controls
   - Master Volume
   - Low  Battery check LED
   - Parametric Mid-tune control
   - EQ status switch

AGE-5 features :
   - Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence Controls
   - Master Volume
   - Low  Battery check LED
   - EQ status switch

AGE-4 features :
   - Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence Controls
   - Master Volume
   - Low  Battery check LED



AGE-TN   4 band EQ with Chromatic Tuner
Wanna feel free to travel around with your favorite guitar?

The AGE-TN features 4 band Graphic EQ sliders with Master Volume, Low battery check LED and On-board Digital Chromatic Tuner. It provides precise digital tuning reference and indicates when a string is sharp, flat, or on pitch for your guitar in any place without extra tools. When the '#' marked LED is on with green light, you have to undo the string until 'OK' marked LED is on with green light. Start with pressing the Tuner switch button to turn the Tuner function on. Check with 'SHARP' or 'FLAT' marked LED for a fine adjustment.  Now you are ready to tune your guitar.

  AGE-TN  features :
   - Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence Controls
   - Master Volume, Low  Battery check LED
   - Tuner Switch,
   - Chromatic tuner LEDs
   - Flat,OK & Sharp adjustment LED.

AGE-CH   4 band EQ with Chorus Effect
Looking for something unique?  Get bored with ordinary Guitar sounds?

AGE-CH gives you the ability to create your own acoustic effects with your ordinary guitar.  Once you turn the Chorus switch on, you will experience a totally different acoustic atmosphere from any other equalizer system could provide.
Rich, Sweet and Melrose sound...
Control the 'DEPTH' and 'RATE' knobs together to establish an exquisite piece of guitar sounds for your performance.

  AGE-CH  features :
   - Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence Controls
   - Master Volume, Low  Battery check LED
   - Chorus  Switch,
   - Depth control
   - Rate control

AGE-DD  Delay effect equipped EQ

So long to wait! Now, the delay effect is into your guitar! Have you ever felt the needs of delay style effect when playing acoustic guitar? Right! Your current familiar acoustic guitar sound is the sound with the natural reverberation from a room condition. The AGE-DD has delay effect with 44K memory built-in and Time, Level, and Repeat in order to use with minutely adjustment. It makes possibility to adjust from long to tap and, in addition, is able to closely simulate the reverb effect in compliance with each setting. Especially, you could play on your stage with high confidence through the phase switch for anti-feedback.

 AGE-DD Features:

- Bass, Middle, and Treble controls

- Master volume

- Low Battery check LED

- Delay switch

- Delay Time control

- Delay Level control

- Delay Repeat control

- Phase reverse switch

AGE-PH  Deluxe EQ with vintage effect

Have you ever imaged to have a guitar sound from a Leslie Tone Cabinet? The AGE-PH is a 4-band EQ with the vintage style phase effect. The Phaser has been continuously chosen by players as a very important effector in the Rock history. The AGE-PH features to add various Phaser effect on guitar sound to turn 'Speed' and 'Depth' controls. The AGE-PH is a reasonable EQ in various genres of music. You could use it in any style of music availably!

AGE-PH Features:

- Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence controls

- Master volume

- Low Battery and Speed check LED

- Phaser effect switch

- Depth control

- Speed control



AGE Blender

They feature to have a clean Piezo sound, warm and rich magnetic pickup sound, and the most natural microphone sound.
They make possibility to have your guitar plenty of emotion expression. In addition, it is characterized by a blending monitor function applied initially.
It will help you adjust the quality of tone of the blended sound with a headset at the same time as listening.

Common features

HEADSET FUNCTION will help you adjust the quality of tone of the blended sound.
MASTER VOLUME controls to adjust the amount of loudness of the post equalized sound from Piezo and Magnetic pickup.
PHASE REVERSE SWITCH is a push/pull anti feedback switch. It reverses the phase 180 degree instantly that cancel the feedback some extent. Phase reverse switch will help you feel free from the feedback while you are playing with other sound systems.
LOW BATTERY LED is an indicator that check the 9 V battery power automatically without operating a battery check switch. It will stay on constantly when the battery power is lower than 5.0 V alerting that the 9 V battery has to be replaced with new battery.

Common Specification
Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Battery
Battery Life: Over 1000 hours  (without head set)
Bass control range:  ±12 dB 80 Hz
Middle control range:  ±12 dB 800 Hz
Treble control range:  ±12 dB 4 kHz
Head set output: 100 mW
Low Battery check at 5.0 V
Piezo pickup Input Jack: 2.5 mm Mono Jack
Magnetic pickup Input Jack: 3.5 mm Mono Jack
Microphone Diameter : 9.6 mm Unbalanced





AGE-MC  Microphone blender with monitoring function

The AGE-MC is the very best EQ which features to blend the most natural sound from soundhole-microphone with clean and sharp piezo sound. It helps to record sound effect created by fingers and even lively natural sound as if listening to in front of a real guitar! The Phase inverse makes live play possible enough without feedback.

 AGE-MC Features:
- Blending tone control & Blending level control
- Monitor headset jack & Phase inverse switch
- Bass, Middle, Treble and Master volume
- Low Batt LED, Magnetic pickup jack (rear)




* Soundhole magnetic
  pickup is optional.
   See detail
* Headset not include.

AGE-MG  Magnetic pickup blender with monitoring function

The AGE-MG features to be able to mix sound from rich and warm magnetic to clean and sharp Piezo, to create various tone when blending by inversing the Phase of the Piezo, and to give new play enjoyment monitoring tone blended by the Blending monitor system with a headset.

AGE-MG Features:
- Blending tone control
- Blending level control
- Monitor headset jack
- Phase inverse switch
- Bass, Middle, and Treble
- Master volume



AGE-AIR   World First Vocal Blender FM Transmitter EQ

These days more and more Acoustic guitars tend to have the pickups and equalizers on the guitar body, but most of the guitar customers, who are beginners and amateur players, are unlikely to have an acoustic guitar amplifier so it seems difficult for them to have a chance of using pickups and equalizer because the acoustic guitar amplifiers are less various and more expensive than electric guitar amplifiers.
However general home mini stereo, portable stereo, or car-stereo have  the much better characteristics for acoustic guitar than using electric guitar amplifiers.

Artec AGE-AIR is designed to be able to use the common stereos  like an acoustic guitar amplifier to use FM band.
The selection of frequency goes from 87Mhz~within 90Mhz range on your free choices.

 printable sheet (PDF)

** Artec AGE-AIR has the adjusted output for the purpose of usage within the close distance like in the small sized room or cars. But it is not recommendable to use for a professional transmitter or in a large space like concert hall. 


Besides AGE-AIR has the additional function of mixing the signal of the external microphone.
And it allows the players to mix their own voices and the guitar performance with the headset(normal headset for PC) and send them to the Amp and the fm-radio respectively.
When you do not use the External Mic, automatically it mixes the signal of the internal microphone to be able to make the output of blending the inner-body sound.

How to use
1. Turn on the FM radio, adjust the frequency, which has no station within 87Mhz~90Mhz range. **(The frequency in a station or interference can cause some undesirable noise )
2. Power on the FM transmitter of the AGE-AIR and try to match moving the tune knob slowly.
3. Set the very right frequency with no distortion through the fine-tuning even on the status of  tune.
4. With the volume up some distortion may be caused according to the style of performance so we suggest controlling the volume according to your type of playing.


Power : Alkaline DC9V (006P)  /  25mA@9V
EQ. Controls :
   - Level : output level            - Bass : -12dB ~ +12dB
   - Middle : -12dB ~ +12dB      - Treble : -12dB ~ +12dB
Mic. Blending Level Controls
External Mic. Jack (on panel)
Internal Microphone (bottom)
SW : FM transmitter power sw.
Frequency Tune : 87MHz ~ 90MHz

About certification
This product like 'Wireless microphone for home use', which does not require the 'user license' as a small power transmitter, but these is a case that some countries can request the certification regarding the small power transmitter for even this kind of products group.
AGE-AIR is as 'a part of musical instrument', the certification is for the complete products which built on(the final-commercial goods).
On the request of the certification from the customers, Artec provide the sample for certification and we recommend that they  sell their guitars with printing the given certification on the paper tag or card, which is attached to the guitars.






    - Include STD-jack, wire clip and mount screws.
    - Not include piezo pickup and battery.
    - Piezo pickup should be purchased separately from preamps.

  XX : Preamp model  
     ├ 7
     ├ 6
     ├ 5
     ├ 4
     ├ TN
     ├ CH
     ├ DD
     ├ PH
     ├ MC   (Built in microphone)
     ├ MG   (MSP-50 include)
     └ AIR 

 YYY : Endpin jack option - optional
    ├ STD    (default option)
    ├ EPC
    ├ EPG
    ├ EPB
    ├ ENN
    ├ ENG
    └ XLR

      Go To Endpin jacks

 ZZZ : Piezo Pickup - optional

    ├ PP607
    ├ PP617

    ├   ...
    ├   ...      
       Go to Piezo page

 PPP : Package - optional

    ├  BULK : bulk package
    ├  PCK1 : individual bliste
    └  PCK2 : individual paper box
 ** PCK1 - Not apply to AGE-MG
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All specifications subject to change without notice.