DFC Unique design 4 band EQ










Cutting Templates (installation)
Dimension :
W 50 x H 88 x D 62   (mm)
    ** width of the preamp : 50mm


--- Ordering Guide ---
 The preamp includes:
  - standard jack
  - screws and wire-clip
 Not include (optional)
  - piezo pickup
  - package and battery
  - special jacks(endpin jack)




DFC took out a patent on it's unique and advanced design of 9 V battery access. It is designed for ease on board control and convenient replacement of consumed battery. DFC can eliminate noises by applying EMI shield painting inside of the main unit and main unit holder. Advanced technique of ARTEC could eliminate all the wires while other have wires connected to the main unit holder. DFC main unit can be fully separated from the unit holder which is affixed on guitar body side.

For changing new battery holding two clickers on both sides of the main unit can make it separate from the unit holder smoothly. The main unit has a battery holder on its back. Change your consumed battery to new one. Simply push the main unit with new battery back to the unit holder. Automatically, four steel plate connectors in the main unit touch the four pins in the unit holder.


Bass : ±12 db at 100 Hz
Middle : ±12 db at 800 Hz
Treble : ±12 db at 3 kHz
Presence : ±12 db at 15 kHz
Low  Battery check LED
2.5 mm Input Jack
1/4" Output Jack w/ cable
Current : 0.5 mA
Battery life time : over 1000 hours









    - Include STD-jack, wire clip and mount screws.
    - Not include piezo pickup and battery.
    - Piezo pickup should be purchased separately from preamps.

   X : Preamp model  
     ├ S
     └ D

 YYY : Endpin jack option - optional
    ├ STD    (default option)
    ├ EPC
    ├ EPG
    ├ EPB
    ├ ENN
    ├ ENG
    └ XLR
     Go To Endpin jacks

 ZZZ : Piezo Pickup - optional

    ├ PP607
    ├ PP617

    ├   ...
    ├   ...      
    Go to Piezo page

 PPP : Package - optional

    ├  BULK : bulk package
    ├  PCK1 : individual bliste
    └  PCK2 : individual paper box
      Go to Packages

All specifications subject to change without notice.