Special Models

All models are include -
  - battery case or holder(active only)
  - standard jack
Piezo pickup and battery not included.

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MB-1, MB-2




2 band



1 Volume & 1 tone



1 Volume & 1 tone





MB-1, MB-2

MASTER SYSTEM for PIEZO + MAGNETIC pickup equipped instruments

 MB-1: Full version
MB-2: Lite version



- Input for piezo pickup
- Input for magnetic pickup
- Pickup select switch
- Phase reverse switch (piezo)
- Volume and Tone for piezo
- Volume and Tone for mag.
- Balanced Blender output (XLR)
- Lo-z Blender output jack
- Lo-z Seperated output jacks

  42 X 60 X 20  (mm) 







ME 2  2 band EQ for  Slim body guitars and Mandolins

ME 2 has been developed for the ultra slim body guitars and mandolins.
It's unique features, with chrome or gold plated metal face will well match with your guitar's machine head or metal tailpiece.

                   ME2-GD  (gold plated)                 ME2-CR (chrome plated)

ME 2  features :
 - Bass, Treble Controls
 - Master Volume, Low  Battery LED

Dimensions :   W 60 X H 25 X D 35
** Piezo pickup and battery
    is not included.

APC-PRO and APC include Battery case





AB1 Active Preamp


** Knobs are not included
AB1 : Volume(with power switch) + 1 tone
AB1-NS : Volume(without power switch) + 1 tone
Dimension :   W 43 X H 24 X D 26 (mm) 


AB2 Active Preamp

Dimension :   W 62 X H 24 X D 26 (mm) 


 AB1 and AB2 is Volume & Tone booster for Piezo pickup. AB1 is made up of two potentiometers without case, AB2 is made up of two slide potentiometers with chocolate color painted metal top panel. It is easily mounted on the side of your guitar. The circuit has specially designed to suppress the Ground Noise, therefore AB1 and AB2 will provides virtually noiseless sound without shielding case.
The tone controls to boost the resonance to achieve pure natural acoustic sound while other ordinary tone controls to reduce the treble band range. Using advanced Surface Mount Techniques could reduce unwanted sound (Noise) while increasing sound quality and it's reliability.

Application : piezo transducer equipped stringed instrument

  ** Standard jack and batter case included.
  ** Piezo pickup is not included.

DEMO 2  AB1 / AB2










    - Include STD-jack, wire clip and mount screws.
    - Include battery case  (Not apply to PTC)
    - Not include piezo pickup and battery.
    - Piezo pickup should be purchased separately from preamps.

  [preamp] : Preamp model  
     ├ ME2-GD
     ├ ME2-CR
     ├ AB1
     └ AB2

 YYY : Endpin jack option - optional
    ├ STD    (default option)
    ├ EPC
    ├ EPG
    ├ EPB
    ├ ENN
    ├ ENG
    └ XLR
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 ZZZ : Piezo Pickup - optional

    ├ PP607
    ├ PP617

    ├   ...
    ├   ...      
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 PPP : Package - optional

    ├  BULK : bulk package
    ├  PCK1 : individual bliste
    └  PCK2 : individual paper box
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All specifications subject to change without notice.