Digital Recording, Loop playback and Chromatic Tuner Equalizer

LEQ is a fascinating thing that equipped great functions for professional player. It is a 4 band equalizer preamp that added cutting edge digital recording and dubbing function. Player can hear and play with self recorded sound. Not like general small digital recorder, LEQ has 48kbps high bit-rate sound quality like DVD. Also You can use 9 recording tracks that has 5 minute length each. When recording or playing, LEQ start automatically from over-level sensing system. It will start when you hit the string strongly. And, you can do over-dubbing on desired pre-recorded track thru dubbing function. 

LEQ Features:
- Volume [min ~ max]
- Bass [-10dB ~ +10dB]
- Middle [-10dB ~ +10dB]
- Treble [-10dB ~ +10dB]
- Presense [-10dB ~ +10dB]
- Phase SW.
- Low Battery Indicator LED
- FND Chromatic Tuner
- Dimension : H:97, W:59, D:54 (mm)

Cutting Templates (installation)

instruction manual







    - Not include piezo pickup and battery.
    - Piezo pickup should be purchased separately from preamps.


 YYY : Endpin jack option - optional
    ├ STD    (default option)
    ├ EPC
    ├ EPG
    ├ EPB
    ├ ENN
    ├ ENG
    └ XLR

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 ZZZ : Piezo Pickup - optional

    ├ PP607
    ├ PP617

    ├   ...
    ├   ...      

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 PPP : Package - optional

    ├  BULK : bulk package
    ├  PCK1 : individual bliste
    └  PCK2 : individual paper box


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 All specifications subject to change without notice.