Under Saddle Piezo pickups









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Artec Piezo Pickups are made by Piezoelectric material - Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) - piezo ceramic that has shown exceptional mechanical and electrical properties with very stable energy conversion efficiency, good temperature stability and uniform sensitivity. They are constructed by individual piezo ceramic sensors for each string to improve string to string balance. Ceramics are coated with the finest material, which supports piezo electric effects and excellent frequency characteristics for deliver natural acoustic sounds. Each piezo ceramic sensors sit on Contact board with the suitable string pitch. The contact board is used as a '+' connector because of it's high electric transmitting efficiency foil is used for good shield against electronic interference and easy to be soldered. Ceramic, Contact board and Foil can be firmly fixed together, as the foil is highly extensible and easy for glue with high conductivity. Case made from Bronze and Nickel can greatly transmit electricity and is highly extensible. It works to make good shield and ground connection. The case offers the most stable installation in a saddle slot. TEFLON shielded Cable enhances the capability to endure high and low temperature and works greatly for ground connection. Special shielding alloy protects electric interference effectively. It is also good insulator offers excellent conductivity and high frequency characteristics.


PP pickup series

PP pickup series has variety design for any string instruments.
Its solid construction provides wide range of frequency response from the high frequency to low bass tone. And also It provides the high output.

All PP pickup series models are available in PG pickup series.. 




PG pickup series

PG pickup series has been specially designed its construction that delivers soft, warm & rich sound than our PP pickup series.
Using Gold plated contact board and gold plated plug that increase conductivity and reliability.
Another key point of our PG pickup series is applying patent pending design of connection metal pipe between Teflon shielded cable and gold plated plug that enhances the stability and easy installation. It is also a good insulator provides virtually noiseless acoustic sound




SF 'Solidflex' pickup series

SF series 'SolidFlex' Transducer SF pickup series is newly designed to accomplish both advantages, the flexibility of cable & film type pickup, and the power of solid type piezo. Also this pickup uses gold plated contact board and solid piezo like PG Series, and special design of flexibility is applied to SF series. It reduces buzzing sound caused by curved bottom of saddle or rough surface of pickup cavity on the bridge of guitar. This new design can make stable and clear sound.SF Series has the same output and impedance as PP and PG series, so they fit all Artec EQ products. SF pickup series is also applying the same cable and metal pipe jack as PG  pickup series.








PC85 Cable piezo pickup

Piezo cable is an alternative form of piezo polymer sensor. Designed as a coax cable, the piezo polymer is the "dielectric" between the center core and the outer braid. When the piezo cable is compressed or stretched by vibration of strings, a voltage of sound signal is generated proportional to the stress.


- Flexibility   The piezo cable pickup has no buzz and contact problem under bottom of saddle.

- String Balance  Perfect string balance. And it can applied for all case having no concern with the number of strings and pitch.


Technical specification

Capacitance at 1kHz : 84pf / 85mm
                         (not include teflon cable)
Energy output : 10 (mJ/Strain(%))
Voltage output : 5 ( kV/Strain(%))

Installation tip

The piezo cable pick-up installation is very simple and easy with any style of bridge. But it can make contact problems if thru-hole is tight with piezo diameter. It must carving hole side of enlarge the hole for the cable can bend smoothly.


All specifications subject to change without notice