00:00 Intro
    00:48 Blues Overdrive
    02:26 Solist Distortion
    03:28 Crazy Metal
    04:17 70's Drive Blender
    05:29 Duo Drive Blender
    07:13 Turbo Compressor
    09:28 Turbo Compressor & Blues Overdrive
    10:56 Analog Delay
    13:11 Analog Delay & Blues Overdrive
    14:21 Vintage Chorus
    15:45 Vintage Tremolo
    16:40 Vintage Tremolo & Blues Overdrive
    17:34 Vintage Phase Shifter
    19:20 APW-7 Dual Mode Wish Wah
    21:25 APW-7 & Blues Overdrive
    23:03 APW-7 &Solist Distortion
    14:09 Let's Rock 

    00:00 Intro
    00:33 Twinhead
    02:58 Cooldrive
    07:15 Fuzztown
    08:21 Resovibe
    09:59 Stereo Chorus
    11:25 Stereo Chorus & Twinhead
    12:23 Analog Delay
    14:04 Analog Delay & Twinhead15:18 Let's Rock

    This sound sample recorded with
    - Cort HBS Guitar
    - Artec G25 amplifier
    - Shure Beta 57 microphone. 


Peta Lukács   Budapest, Hungary
guitarists, orchestrator, composer, producer, recording engineer

Péter „Peta” Lukács was born on the 6th of April in Pápa. He began studying music at the local Music School, called Béla Bartók, when he was seven and his first instrument was the flute. He got his first electric guitar at the age of ten and taught himself how to play it. In 1996 he became a student of the Music Institute Köbánya in Budapest, which is famous for its excellent music tuition. Hungary’s most acknowledged musicians teach there. Peter has been taught by Gyula Babos, Ferenc Tornóczky, Attila László. He finished his musical studies with a First Class certificate in 2001. He has won many talent and guitar competitions since he was 12. Among them the most outstanding result was winning the ’Ki Mit Tud?’ in 1996 - it was the biggest talent show at that time, organized and broadcasted live by Hungarian National Tv. Peter has been involved in recording industry as a guitarist composer orchestrator music producer and recording engineer since 1996. His current bands are: European Mantra, Bikini, Linda Pacziga. Peter also appears with a number of bands either as a resident guests artist or special guest. He has played with well-known musicians as Al DiMeola, Vernon Reid, Ben Castle. Peter performs more than 150 gigs a year with above mentioned artists and still finds time to be a session musician on many albums in Hungary and his discography: 

 Special thanks to Lukacs and Sicamber Trade Kft


 Artec Demo- Sunday 24 February, 2008
Gabszi the guitarist from Zanzibar will show us his favorite Artec effet pedals