Group : Distortion
Tone : Heavy, Rock

In Rock history, only few pedals have impressive sound and they have been loved from guitar players.

FZT1 is specially produced to use these 2 fuzz Characters at the same time with the blending function. This pedal is also produced to create your own special fuzz sound. You can make the different setting for each fuzz and mix with different level. What is more, each fuzz has reversed phase output and it can make dramatic effect form offsetting and competition when blending.

Power supply: DC9V
Consumption: 10mA(active), 5mA(bypass)
Dimension: 93(w) x 123(h) x 48(d) (mm)
Weight: 360g (include battery)

Demo play with Single pickup 1

Demo play with Humbucker pickup 1

Demo play with Humbucker pickup 2