SE-DDB Duo Drive Blender

Group : Vintage Blender
Tone : Bluesy, Rock

Drive Blender has two Drive Circuits that operate independently of each other. This effect has the mixed outputs of bold tone. SE-DDB has inside CRUNCH DISTORTION and HEAVY DISTORTION and its output is mixed half-and-half. You can adjust the gains of two Distortions separately.

Power supply: DC9V
Consumption: 4mA(active), 1mA(bypass)
Dimension: 75.5(w) x 115.5(h) x 47.5(d) (mm)
Weight: 290g (include battery)

Demo play with Single pickup 1

Demo play with Single pickup 2

Demo play with Humbucker pickup

Demo play with Analog Delay

■■ SETTING - Crunch Drive ■■

■■ SETTING - Blender Distortion ■■