SE-VCH Vintage Chorus

Group : Chorus Flanger
Tone : Vib, Chorus, Clean

SE-VCH is the Chorus effect matching for various music genres. Compared with recent DSP (Digital Signal Processor), this specialty is Vintage feeling tone filter and long initial time, which make the warmer sound with space effect.

Power supply: DC9V
Consumption: 28mA(active), 25mA(bypass)
Dimension: 75.5(w) x 115.5(h) x 47.5(d) (mm)
Weight: 290g (include battery)

Demo play with Single pickup

Demo play with Humbucker pickup 1

Demo play with Humbucker pickup 2

■■ SETTING -Vib Chorus ■■

■■ SETTING - Slow Chorus ■■

■■ ARTEC Custom Hybrid ASIC Chipset ■■