SE-VTM Vintage Tremolo

Group : Tremolo
Tone : Vib, Tremolo

We apply SE-VTM Vintage Tremolo to Optical Device of traditional way. This makes clean and noiseless tremolo.When in little input it can change to Zero-Width-Mode from the LOW-LEVEL-SENSOR and you can play without LFO noise.

Power supply: DC9V
Consumption: 8mA(active), 4mA(bypass)
Dimension: 75.5(w) x 115.5(h) x 47.5(d) (mm)
Weight: 290g (include battery)

Demo play with Single pickup

Demo play with Humbucker pickup 1

Demo play with Humbucker pickup 2

■■ SETTING -Mellow Tremoloy ■■

■■ SETTING - Speedy Vibe ■■