BCU - Band Control Unit
Simply install the BCU on your guitar and discover the versatility of your guitar.


Electric guitar pickup has a natural resonance characteristic in each model.
BCU is designed to supplement the resonance and to change the frequency and gain spontaneously that provide the controllable parametric EQ option. BCU will give you a chance to experience the sound that starts from the bright tone of vintage Tele to the fatty, mid-tone of fat-humbucking pickup. BCU differ from the conventional parametric equalizer's frequency control that generates the mechanical and artificial sound through the band pass filter. BCU is specially designed to simulate the natural resonance character of real pickup.

Applications : Electric Guitar and Electric Basses 



BCU features

Knob 0; leads your pickup sound more rich, fatty and warm by boosting the gain in a mid-range and reduce the low and high frequency range. You can have a humbucking sound from your single coil pickup.

Knob 5; leads your pickup sound the harmonics a boost. Shifting the mid-high band slightly and reduce the gain in low-mid band.

Knob 10; leads your pickup sound more bright and distinctive tone by expanding your guitar sound. Low and high frequency will be boosted while mid range is 'V' shaped.

Only small amount of current drain (0.16 mA) required that means your 9V battery will last long for years..

Pull the knob to change to active.

BCU will work with passive, active pickup and bass guitars

BCU-NS : BCU without push/pull switch.

(more than 4000 hours in continuous use. - workable voltage : drop down to 5 V)